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Pre-Engineered Lifting Products

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Spreader Beams

Pre-Engineered Lifting Products 

Spreader Beams

Domson has a diverse product line of adjustable, pre-engineered, and fabricated on-demand spreader beams and lifting beams.

We also inspect and certify spreader beams and lifting beams in accordance with local regulations.

Heavy Lifting Spreader Beam

Product Features:

  • Excellent capacity to weight ratio
  • Adjustable to 6 inch increments
  • Optional load shackles (4)
  • Designed in compliance to:
    • OHSA REG. 213/91, cl 172
    • ASME B30.20 and BTH standards
  • Rated capacities provided for 3 different sling angles
  • Full load charts for alternate angles and spreads available at additional cost
  • Can be painted any colour

The following lifting beam designs are available for order.

Model No.Max. Capacity
Min. Spread
Max. Spread
Unit Weight
Shackle Cap
Shackle Unit Weight
SB-23-8-12-023812 22
SB‐25‐12‐24‐0251322 25

Don’t see what you need? We can design a custom lifting beam for you! Contact our team for engineered lift products in Ontario and more.

Man Baskets

Domson offers pre-engineered, and fabricated on-demand man baskets for various uses and applications.

We also inspect and certify manbaskets in accordance with local regulations.

Product Features:

  • Designed in compliance with O.REG. 213/91, Section 153, and CSA Z150
  • Entire assembly is inspected via Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Can be painted in any colour

The following custom man basket designs are available for ordering:

Model No.WLHMax OccupancyMax Capacity
Unit Weight
Pinned Design
75″49″60″2 persons600480
Suspended Center Post
60″42″96″2 persons800760
Suspended 4-Point Bridle
56″44″80″4 persons15001100

Don’t see what you need? We can design a custom man basket for you!