Infrastructure projects tendered by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) tend to specify requirements for Quality Verification Engineering (QVE) services. A QVE is a professional engineer who reviews and evaluates a component of the work to ensure that it has been completed in conformance withQuality Verification Engineer Canada the contract requirements. If the work has met the contract requirements, then the QVE issues a Certificate of Conformance. A Certificate of Conformance is a document issued by the QVE that states the components of the work has been completed in conformance with the contract documents.

QVE deliverables may also include:

Issuance of a General Conformance Report – The QVE confirms that the standard of construction fulfills the requirements of the contract, and has been done in accordance with industry best practices, and will perform its intended function.

Issuance of an Interim Inspection Letter – The QVE confirms that the specified components of the work are in general conformance with the contract and provides written permission to the contractor to proceed to the next stage of work.

Domson has expertise with the following types of civil projects:

  • Bridges
  • Sign structures and light poles

QVE Services

We can review the following activities:

  • Steel fabrication and erection inspection of bridges, signs, and light poles
  • Verification of lifted girders against design loads (self-weight, wind pressure, etc.)
  • Temporary erection / bracing of the main girders
  • Installation of main girders and their connections
  • Installation of cross beams, braces, wind-braces and their connections
  • Reinforcement & pouring of concrete deck
  • Girders for temporary or permanent approach slab
  • Approach slab reinforcement & pouring
  • Installation of bolts (Turn-of-the-nut method or Slip Critical Connections) & visual inspection of welds.
  • Witness of bridge jacking procedures
  • Construction of foundations, deep foundations including piles and caissons
  • Construction / installation of piers
  • Construction / installation of pier caps

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