Domson supports a large number of parts and materials suppliers, structural steel suppliers/fabricators, and OEM’s across Ontario.

Our service offerings to this sector include:


  • Inspection of building structures, racking and equipment
  • Inspection of various shop cranes and lifting apparatus
  • QC / QA personnel for major projects


  • Provide Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and Datasheets (WPDS)
  • Perform quarterly visits for companies certified to Division 2 as per CSA W47.1
  • Shop drawings, connection designs, and erection plans
  • Custom design of custom lifts such as spreader bars and manbaskets
  • Pre-engineered lifting products
  • Upgrading overhead crane capabilities

Questions on our plant engineering and inspections in Ontario? Call us today and speak with our experienced team about plant inspections including industrial racking, plant equipment inspections and more.

Custom Plant Lift Equipment & Designing in Toronto

Custom lift equipment, designed to your specifications and requirements.

Plant Equipment Inspection & Maintenance in Toronto ON

A good inspection program is key to proper maintenance on various types of plant & process equipment.

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