Domson provides building restoration engineering services to industrial, commercial, institutional, and hi-rise rehabilitation projects. Our special expertise is in steel and concrete structures.

Engineering Restoration Plans in Toronto

Engineered drawings and material solutions for a temporary shoring plan.

You can rely on our professional engineers for the following:

  • Rehabilitation of walls, parking garages, floor slabs, balconies, and foundations
  • Structural reinforcement of existing structures
  • Structural redesign/modification
  • Open web steel joists reinforcement
  • Temporary shoring, re-shoring, and scaffold design
  • Building code compliance
  • Concrete slabs, retaining walls, culvert design
  • Repair procedures for concrete or steel structures
  • Project management
  • Project permitting & tendering

Additional Services

Our company is also registered by the Canadian Welding Bureau under CSA W178.1 to perform visual inspection and NDT on the following structures: buildings, bridges, industrial structures, machinery, cranes, and rail and road vehicles. Domson is often contracted by various parties—i.e. Ministry of Transportation, regional municipalities, engineering firms, general contractors—to inspect new fabrication, existing steel structures, and bridge structures. Our engineers often play a complimentary role in backing our inspectors on these projects.

Why Choose Domson?

We can assist your rehabilitation or restoration project by designing unique temporary shoring solutions that can handle demolition of older structures to make room for new additions. We can also provide engineering support for your parking rehabilitation, balcony, and building renovation project. Our project management team will ensure your project is completed on time and on budget from start to finish.

For more information on building restoration and commercial building inspections in Ontario, contact us today.

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Engineered modification to an existing building in downtown Toronto.

concrete bridge deck repair

Concrete repair procedure.