Engineered critical lifts in Ontario help to ensure the safe delivery of any heavy load, and Domson has years of experience doing them. Our services include:

  • Provide plan, elevation, rigging studies, and matting drawings as required
  • Select appropriate cranes based on capacities, accessibility, and availability
  • Size up rigging (rigging studies)
  • Lift equipment design and custom rigging design
  • Specify the crane location(s) and the initial position of the load
  • Ensure that the outrigger / crawler loads do not exceed the soil capacity
  • Inspect and certify the crane and the rigging equipment
  • Check boom, load, rigging, and swing clearances during the erection and lifting phases
  • Detail the lift sequence including tandem lifts
  • Provide safety precautions related to wind, communications or other site specific hazards
  • Perform pre-start visit ensuring the set-up of the cranes and rigging is according to lift plan

We engineered this lift plan for a pedestrian bridge install in Toronto.

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Lift Plan Projects

Two crane removal of a downcomer.

Lift plan for installation of wind turbine nacelle.

Installation of a HRSG.