Structural steel and welding inspections are critical services for any building construction. Poor welding or misalignment of steel components can be detrimental to the structural performance and safety of a building. At Domson Engineering & Inspection Ltd., we offer professional welding and structural engineering and inspection services in North Bay. We have the capacity to accommodate even the toughest jobs and schedules for a broad variety of building and transportation projects. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality allows us to provide the highest level of accuracy to meet your deadlines and complete your projects as desired.

Welding Engineer in North Bay

There are many facets to consider when it comes to weld design. As such, it’s important to recruit the service of highly-qualified metallurgists and welding engineers to assist you. Our skilled welding engineers in North Bay are qualified to perform complex welding procedures, as well as inspections and evaluations of structural and piping-welded connections. We leverage the most up-to-date techniques and processes to create high-quality welds that are designed to meet functional requirements at a competitive cost.

Structural Inspection in North Bay

A preliminary consultation with a professional structural engineer will help you maintain the structural integrity and safety of your property while ensuring compliance with all city regulations. Our sound structural steel procedures and superior staff of experienced professionals will deliver an unmatched measure of quality. You can trust us to provide a comprehensive inspection, analysis and report that will address all your concerns.

For further inquiries about any of the aforementioned services, contact Domson Engineering & Inspection Ltd. at 1-877-789-1326 today to speak with a representative.