Non-Destructive Testing Services & NDT Certifications in Sudbury, Ontario

Whether your company needs to have lifting equipment, mining equipment, or process equipment inspected, Domson Engineering & Inspection can get the job done. For over 20 years now, we’ve been supplying those in a wide range of industries with non-destructive testing services and NDT certifications in Sudbury, Ontario. From a magnetic particle inspection to a liquid dye penetrant inspection, we have the non-destructive testing services you need to identify any underlying problems that could potentially put your equipment at risk.

Sudbury NDT Services Available

Hardness Testing

If you want to take advantage of non-destructive testing services and NDT certifications in Sudbury, Ontario to test the strength of metal, Domson Engineering & Inspection would recommend hardness testing. Hardness testing can be performed right out in the field with a handheld device designed to reveal how strong metal is. Hardness testing can come in handy for any company that plans on using welding to make structural repairs to equipment.

Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)

There are many pipelines, heat exchanger tubes, and tanks that suffer from metal loss caused by either corrosion or erosion. Magnetic flux leakage is one of the non-destructive testing services and NDT certifications that can uncover any metal loss that has taken place. Domson Engineering & Inspection can provide you with this NDT service if you suspect metal loss could be an issue for your company’s equipment.

Vacuum Box Testing

During tank inspections, Domson Engineering & Inspection can use what’s called vacuum box testing to inspect the seal that exists between two plates. A vacuum box can be placed over the joint to reveal whether air is able to escape. This type of testing is most often used to reveal the need for roof and floor repairs while tanks are being inspected.

Coating Thickness Testing

By using a special gauge, Domson Engineering & Inspection can measure the thickness of dry paint on a piece of equipment during coating thickness testing. The results of this type of testing can reveal the expected lifespan of a substrate and ensure a product looks and performs its best while complying with codes and standards.

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