In accordance with standard CSA Z248, Domson performs the following types of inspections on tower cranes: pre-erection, post-erection, and annual.

Pre-erection inspections include operational checks, visual examination, magnetic particle examination of welds and other critical areas, and ultrasonic examination of pins and bolts. Post-erection and annual inspection includes a visual examination of critical connections and components.

We beat the competition because:

  • Our lead tower crane inspector is a manufacturer trained tower crane technician with over 10 years experience inspecting tower cranes
  • Our inspectors use methods of nondestructive testing during pre-erection examination as approved by the Canadian General Standards Board (as required by the Ministry of Labour)
  • Our engineers are on-staff and have actual hands-on experience inspecting lift equipment
  • We keep informed of the latest standards, regulations, and technology affecting the tower crane industry through participation on standards committees and user associations. What’s more, we keep you informed
  • We can provide engineered repair procedures if serious defects are found and procedures cannot be obtained from the manufacturer

Foundation Drawing & Design

Our qualified staff of engineers can also design your tower crane foundation in accordance with the crane manufacturer’s specifications.

Our engineers provide:

  • High-quality service that meets all applicable codes and standards
  • Prompt delivery
  • Efficient design

Tower Crane Inspection in Canada

Pre & Post-Erection Tower Crane Inspection in Canada

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