Domson is a leading supplier of structural engineering services around Ontario for industrial, commercial, institutional and construction projects in the Greater Toronto Area and abroad. Our goal is to provide our clients with cost-effective and high-quality engineering solutions.

Our core competencies are with steel and concrete design, with specialties in concrete foundations, concrete slab design, open web steel joist reinforcements, structural steel, and temporary shoring plans.

Domson specializes in the following types of steel and concrete projects:

  • Industrial structures relating to work platforms, mezzanines, catwalks, equipment supports, smoke stacks, fall protection systems, and other miscellaneous plant structures
  • Modifications to existing industrial or commercial structures
  • Pre-condition surveys and pre-construction surveys
  • Shoring, re-shoring, scaffolding design
  • Temporary structures such as formwork and work platforms
  • Building condition survey reports, wall restoration, underground garage assessment, and balcony inspection
  • Repair design and repair procedures
  • Structural analysis of load bearing elements to account for building loads (seismic, wind & snow) or new rooftop heavy equipment additions
  • Detailing, shop drawings and connections design
  • Engineering services relating to overhead cranes, monorails, jib & gantry cranes, and custom lift equipment

For more information on our structural engineering and structural inspection services in Ontario, contact us today.