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Ontario Regulation 714/94 requires the inspection and certification of all fire department chassis mounted devices on an annual basis. This inspection is to be done visually by a competent person and using nondestructive testing methods should the visual inspection indicate a potential hazard. A complete nondestructive test is required every five years. These inspections are to conform to NFPA 1911 (which replaces NFPA 1914) for aerial ladders, platforms, and water towers.

Ground Ladders

Ground ladders are also to be inspected on an annual basis to ensure their serviceability. Inspections are to be carried out on extension ladders, roof ladders, and folding ladders under the requirements of NFPA 1932.

Our Service

In contrast to some other companies, we perform all tests required in the standard, including:

  • Horizontal bend test (500 lb test load)
  • Roof hook test (1000 lb test load)
  • Extension ladder hardware test (1000 lb test load)
  • Visual inspection of all elements
  • Heat sensor check and replacement (if necessary)
  • Liquid penetrant inspection of rung welds (Domson exclusive, optional test)

Our staff of professional engineers and certified inspectors has years of experience with the inspection and certification of fire department aerial devices.

We are prepared to travel anywhere at any time to evaluate the serviceability of fire fighting equipment after any incident that may have damaged the structure.

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