Domson has a diverse product line of adjustable, pre-engineered, and fabricated on-demand crane spreader beams and lifting beams.

We also inspect and certify crane spreader beams and lifting beams in accordance with local regulations.

The following lifting beam models are available for order.

How To Inquire/Order:

Crane Spreader Beam in CanadaClick on the model number you’re interested in and send us an email.

SB-2-14-22-0 -14-22 ft spread, 2 ton capacity

SB-15-8-12-0 – 8-10 ft spread, 15 ton capacity

SB-40-12-18-0 – 12-18 ft spread, 40 ton capacity

SB-48-8-12-0 – 8-12 ft spread, 48 ton capacity

SB-48-5-7-0 – 5-7 ft spread, 48 ton capacity

SB-67-13-21-0 – 12-21 ft spread, 67 ton capacity

SB-84-18-30-0 – 18-30 ft spread, 84 ton capacity

SB-165-25-44-0 – 25-44 ft spread, 165 ton capacity

Product Features:

  • Excellent capacity to weight ratio
  • Adjustable to 6 inch increments
  • Optional load shackles (4)
  • Heavy Duty Fabricated Lifting Spreader Beams in CanadaDesigned in compliance to:
    • OHSA REG. 213/91, cl 172
    • ASME B30.20 and BTH standards
  • Rated capacities provided for 3 different sling angles
  • Full load charts for alternate angles and spreads available at additional cost
  • Can be painted any colour

Don’t see what you need? We can customize a new lifting spreader beam design for you. Call 1-877-789-1326.