project spotlightSky’s the Limit: Developing Sudbury’s Industrial Core

In partnership with custom fabricator Lopes Limited, Domson contributed to the design and erection of 2 new freestanding smoke stacks for a manufacturing plant in Sudbury.

smoke stack design build_webDomson was responsible for both the smoke stack design and lift plan used for the erection. The design standards were more stringent than usual leading to a very challenging, but ultimately successful job. Lopes Limited was responsible for fabrication and managing the entire project from start to finish.

“This project is just one of many examples of unique and interesting challenges we get asked to assist our clients with,” stated Yaser Abu-Renneh, structural engineer. “This type of problem solving engineering is one of the cornerstones of our business.”

Whether you need help with any type of industrial structure – smoke stacks, complex racking systems, building modifications, shop cranes, etc. – our goal is to be the company you can rely on with a solution, and that includes fabrication inspection using visual and nondestructive methods.