Domson personnel recently completed the factory training course offered by Schwing America for inspection of their concrete pumpers. Upon completion of the course, Domson was added to Schwing’s certified inspector list.

According to Schwing, Domson now has the only active Schwing approved concrete pumper inspector in Canada who has undergone this training and received this recognition. This recognition serves to further bolster our reputation for providing high-quality inspection services to the construction industry.

The attendant inspector was awarded with a certificate of completion in recognition of their ability to service Schwing equipment, specifically in relation to CSA Z151 (inspection of boom section and other critical structural components).

Periodic inspections include complete inspection of all structural areas, including:

schwing pump truck

  • Booms (all sections)
  • Pedestal (tower)
  • Outriggers
  • Main column and turret
  • Hydraulic cylinders, lines and tubing, holding valves
  • Safety decals
  • Boom rests, steps, boom guide brackets, etc.
  • Pin and bearing clearances
  • Concrete delivery pipeline

In the past, Schwing owners have had to rely on non-certified providers, and have even flow them in from other parts of Canada to inspect their equipment. Those who would only accept a certified Schwing inspector have had to bring one in from the U.S.  This no longer has to be the case.

Schwing now has a trusted service provider right here in Canada!