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Domson supports a large number of parts and materials suppliers, structural steel suppliers/fabricators, and OEM’s across Ontario.

Our service offerings to this sector include:


  • Inspection of building structures, racking and equipment
  • Inspection of various shop cranes and lifting apparatus
  • QC / QA personnel for major projects


  • Provide Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and Datasheets (WPDS)
  • Perform quarterly visits for companies certified to Division 2 as per CSA W47.1
  • Shop drawings, connection designs, and erection plans
  • Custom design of custom lifts such as spreader bars and manbaskets
  • Pre-engineered lifting products
  • Upgrading overhead crane capabilities
Custom Plant Lift Equipment & Designing in Toronto

Custom lift equipment, designed to your specifications and requirements.

Plant Equipment Inspection & Maintenance in Toronto ON

A good inspection program is key to proper maintenance on various types of plant & process equipment.

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