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Overhead Cranes & Shop Cranes

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Overhead Cranes

Domson provides expert design engineering & consultation services for the planning and layout of industrial overhead cranes of all types (single girder, double girder, top running and under running). We can supply you with data on the static and dynamic forces generated by an overhead crane operation, including the following:

  • Maximum Wheel Load
  • Side Thrust Load
  • Collision Forces
  • Overturning Moments (for free standing overhead crane systems)

These loads are essential and very important factors to consider when performing a proper analysis on all kinds of industrial buildings utilizing overhead cranes. By proper analysis, the design engineer will be capable of assessing the following important structural members:

  • Roof beams (in case the overhead crane is an under running, roof mounted crane)
  • Building columns and corbels (or stools)
  • Building bracing system
  • Building foundation
  • All other additional loads on the building resulting from the overhead crane supporting structure (i.e. runway beams)

Shop Cranes

Domson also has the capability to custom design & assess the loads generated by existing crane types, including:

  • Jib Cranes (free standing or attached to building structure)
  • Gantry Cranes (free standing or semi-gantry)
  • Workstation Cranes (free standing or attached to building structure)
  • Monorail Systems (free standing or attached to building structure)

Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSR’s/PHSR’s)

Our engineers can perform PSR’s on newly installed or newly modified cranes.

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Shop Crane Modifications & Design in Vaughan ON

We can provide PSR’s on new, modified, or existing cranes.

Overhead Crane Planning & Design in Ontario

We can provide structural calculations on the load bearing elements prior to a new overhead crane install.