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Construction Support

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  • Engineering Support for Construction Projects
  • Steel & Concrete Design for Building Add-Ons/Expansions
  • Demolition Plan & Review for Construction Projects
  • Fall Protection Systems
  • Critical Lift Planning
  • Shop Drawing & Connections Design
  • Pre-Condition and Pre-Construction surveys
  • Roof Anchors and Davit Support Design
  • Structural Analysis of Permanent or Temporary Structures
  • Tower Crane Foundation Design
  • Quality Verification Engineering (QVE)
  • Structural Erection Plans

Why Choose Domson?

Our engineers can handle most phases of small to midsize construction projects from beginning to end, including such critical stages as: concept drawings, final approved design, shop drawings and member connections for fabrication, 3rd party fabrication sourcing (if required), and final visual inspection and nondestructive testing on fabrication and erection (if required).

Domson provides construction engineering services to Greater Hamilton, Greater Toronto, and across Ontario. If you need assistance with any of these requirements, please contact our engineering department to discuss your specific project needs with one of our qualified staff.

OHSA Reg 213/91

We can assist with construction engineering requirements relating to OHSA Reg 213/91:

  • Access Platforms
  • Formworks
  • Shoring / Reshoring / Scaffold Design
  • Elevating Work
  • Hoisting & Rigging
  • Mobile Cranes & Tower Cranes

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