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Mechanical Integrity

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API 653 / 510 / 570

Mechanical Integrity Inspections

A mechanical integrity program employing methods of nondestructive testing to detect structural flaws in process plant equipment, can go a long way towards keeping your working environment safe. We specialize in inspecting the following types of equipment:

Storage Tank Inspection


External inspections are carried out periodically to verify tank integrity using the following techniques:


Internal inspections are carried out during outages using the following techniques:

  • Visual inspection of tank per API recommendations
  • Examination of tank foundation and compound area
  • Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) testing to locate top and bottom side corrosion on the floor plates
  • Ultrasonic A-Scan thickness testing of tank floor, shell and roof plates
  • Magnetic particle or liquid penetrant testing of suspect areas
  • Vacuum box leak testing of welds
  • Settlement surveys

Clear, Comprehensive Reports

Our reports provide a quick summary of all recommendations up front for your convenience. The details follow and include:

  • Description of the tank construction, use, and immediate service history
  • All testing conducted together with the results of each test
  • Calculations of corrosion rate, estimated remaining life, future inspection intervals
  • Tank drawings showing general construction, inspection and defect locations
  • Qualifications of personnel responsible for testing your tank

Additional Services

We can also provide the following services as your total tank maintenance partner:

  • Tank maintenance program development and auditing
  • Quality assurance services for tank construction and repair monitoring
  • CAD services for as built drawings and modifications
  • Engineering support for lifting and rigging operations
  • Custom engineered structural support frames

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